Andrew Harrison proves the N-word ain’t what it used to be

F *** that N***a.”

Saturday night, Kentucky Wildcats sophomore guard Andrew Harrison wasn’t interested in praising a player on a team he just lost to in the Final Four.

Harrison mumbled the ‘slur’ when a reporter asked his teammate to comment how difficult it was to guard Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky. Certainly, he didn’t realize his mic was ‘hot.’

The irony of this latest gaffe is that Kaminsky is white and Harrison is black — and Harrison used the N-word in reference to Kaminsky.

I have gone on record several times to say that we should not overreact when private thoughts become public, no matter how offensive they may be. Andrew Harrison is a young man who had just suffered the most upsetting loss of his life, and the person that was mostly responsible for that loss was the subject of his ire.

I know the N-word is like the third rail on the cultural landscape of America. As a writer, I truly understand the power of words, but what is even more powerful is the intent or the true meaning of the words we use, especially in context.

For me, the N-word doesn’t hold the power; it is the intent behind the word.








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