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July 23, 2015

Should The Maine Diner Owner Have Yelled at Screaming Baby?

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Robert Stitt Darla Neugebauer is the owner and chief cook at Marcy’s Diner in Maine. She is the subject of a national debate on how restaurant owners should treat families with screaming or crying children. Neugebauer was faced with a restaurant filled with nearly 80 patrons, three of them were a man, woman, and screaming 21-month old child. The child had been screaming for nearly 40 minutes and, according to…

Planned Parenthood does damage control as GOP demands answers

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House Republicans are threatening to subpoena a top Planned Parenthood official unless the group voluntarily makes her available for an interview about alleged sales of fetal tissue from abortions. But the women’s health group is ramping up its own efforts to contain political damage from the controversy. The dispute over Dr. Deborah Nucatola and her comments in a video secretly taped by anti-abortion activists means abortion – not a dominant…

Obama’s Iran deal lobbying push stalls on Hill

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President Barack Obama’s flood-the-zone strategy to sell his nuclear deal with Iran isn’t producing many immediate converts among a bloc of swing Democrats that will be critical to preserving the agreement. Though some liberal members in the House, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), have already come out enthusiastically for the nuclear accord, the Democrats that will ultimately decide whether Obama’s deal survives a congressional review process have not tipped…

Donald Trump lifts the veil on his empire

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Donald Trump on Wednesday opened the kimono on his business empire, and revealed a whole heck of a lot of assets. Trump made good on his promise to file the financial disclosure required of presidential candidates, something Donald doubters said wouldn’t happen as they panned the real estate mogul as a flash-in-the-pan candidate simply looking to amp up his brand. Story Continued Below But 92 pages of golf courses, hotels,…

World Wide Nate in the Bahamas

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Welcome to the Bahamas; we are glad you came,” are of few of the lyrics to the welcome song you receive from the people of the Bahamas when you arrive. The official name is the “Island of the Bahamas,” because the country consists of more than 700 islands, cays and islets in the Atlantic Ocean. The typical traveler will visit the bigger, well-known islands such as Nassau and Paradise Island…

Ex-cop on CNN says Sandra Bland died because she was ‘arrogant from the beginning’

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Tuesday, former NYPD detective and CNN contributor Harry Houck argued that Sandra Bland would not have died in police custody if she had not been “arrogant from the very beginning.” “An officer does have the choice to bring anyone out of the vehicle when he stops them for his own safety,” Houck told CNN’s Don Lemon on Tuesday. “The whole thing here is that she was very arrogant from the beginning, very…

Jake Gyllenhaal talks career sacrifices, praises ‘Southpaw’ director Antoine Fuqua for ‘taking risks’

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Stars gathered in New York City this week to celebrate the highly anticipated premiere of the boxing drama Southpaw, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, 50 Cent and Forest Whitaker. The movie, which is already generating early Oscar buzz, features a soundtrack executive produced by Eminem, who a little over a decade ago penned the Academy Award-winning track “Lose Yourself” for 8 mile. Southpaw tells the story of boxing champion Billy “The Great”…