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July 26, 2015

British public outraged at Rupert Murdoch for this picture of the Queen

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By Nigel Boys Rupert Murdoch, head of News UK which owns The Sun, who is reportedly well known for his anti-Monarchy stances, went too far this week with headlines calling Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Princess Margaret, “Their Royal Heilnesses.” Saturday’s front page headlines in The Sun enraged the fury of the British public and the Royal family, with the former taking to Twitter, demanding that the Australian be…

Obama, Kenyatta clash on gay rights in Kenya

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NAIROBI, Kenya – President Barack Obama and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta sparred over support for gay rights here Saturday, with Obama urging fast changes and Kenyatta saying it was not something Kenyan culture or society would “accept.” Linking LGBT discrimination in Africa to the history of Jim Crow laws in America, Obama said ensuring gay rights must be a priority on a continent — and in a country — where…

When Obama met Kenyatta

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NAIROBI, Kenya – A Kikuyu and a Luo sat across from one another. An heir to wealth and power met a man who started from nothing and made himself into the leader of the free world. They tried to find a rhythm as a kind of equals, even as President Barack Obama looked to marshal the mass excitement in Kenya around his homecoming into prodding Kenya and Kenyan President Uhuru…

How Does Trump End?

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onald Trump’s rapid ascendency to the top of the Republican polls—and the blinding media spotlight surrounding him that has rendered all other 2016 contenders seemingly mute—has baffled nearly every observer. Even his longtime friends (and enemies) are fascinated. When I reached him this week on vacation, Las Vegas developer mogul Steve Wynn, who has been on both the enemies and the friends side of that equation with Trump, said simply,…

Miami teen to be charged with murder after shoving homeless man into river and letting him drown

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16-year-old boy from Florida has been arrested and is expected to be charged as an adult after allegedly pushing a homeless man in a river and letting him drown. Police allege that in May, Rhyheim Woodard intentionally shoved a local vagrant into the Miami River. Last week, he was arrested on a single count of second-degree murder Investigators say on May 24, the teen was fishing with a friend when…

The mouth of the South: New Orleans with World Wide Nate

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New The French Quarter, aka the Vieux Carre, is New Orleans oldest neighborhood. The district was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1965 and is a prime attraction for those visiting the city, as well as residents. Jackson Square, designed by architect and landscaper Louis H Pilie, is a gated but public park that spans a city block, and is located at the front of the French Quarter Orleans,…

Nicki Minaj breaks down Taylor Swift Twitter ‘feud’ on ‘Good Morning America’

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Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift had a brief scuffle of words over Twitter, but everything is fine between the two stars now. After Taylor Swift publicly apologized and admitted that she “missed the point” of Minaj’s criticism of the MTV Video Awards, Minaj appeared on Good Morning America to say that things between the two of them were “all good.” “She was super, super sweet and she apologized,” the rapper said. “She…