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July 30, 2015

Major Changes at MSNBC May Mean People Lose Their Shows and Jobs

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Reported by Liku Zelleke NBC News Chairman Andy Lack has set out on a new mission to apparently put the house of MSNBC, its corporate sibling, in proper order. Reports state that the struggling station will see the end of Ed Schultz’s 5 p.m. “Ed Show”. It will be replaced by a new show hosted by “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd. Todd has been described as being a “non-ideological…

Decisive debate polls set for release

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A handful of national pollsters are preparing to release the survey results that will help determine which 10 candidates qualify for the Aug. 6 debate in Cleveland, according to the rules laid out by Fox News. Quinnipiac University unveiled a new poll early Thursday morning, and new polls from NBC News/Wall Street Journal and Monmouth University will be released between now and next Tuesday — the cutoff date for inclusion…

The Kochs freeze out Donald Trump

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The Koch brothers are freezing out Donald Trump from their influential political operation — denying him access to their state-of-the-art data and refusing to let him speak to their gatherings of grass-roots activists or major donors. Despite a long and cordial relationship between the real estate showman and David Koch, as well as a raft of former Koch operatives who are now running Trump’s presidential campaign, the Koch political operation…

How Planned Parenthood could shut down the government

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Calling next week’s Senate roll call to defund Planned Parenthood a “legislative show vote,” GOP firebrand Ted Cruz said Republicans should do everything they can to eliminate federal money for the group — even if it means a government shutdown fight this fall. He’s not alone. On Wednesday afternoon, 18 House Republicans told leadership that they “cannot and will not support any funding resolution … that contains any funding for…

John Legend to executive produce and score slave thriller TV series ‘Underground’

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Oscar and Golden Globe winnerJohn Legend has signed on to executive produce and score the soundtrack for the upcoming WGN America’s pulse-pounding slave thriller, Underground. Legend is joined by his Get Lifted partner Mike Jackson and Ty Stiklorius, who will oversee all musical aspects of the series. Underground is an original scripted series that takes center stage as plantation slaves band together in the fight of their lives for their families,…

Black gay dads Kordale and Kaleb break up, call off engagement

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Kordale Lewis and Caleb Anthony, who up until now were simply referred to as Kordale & Kaleb, lit up Instagram as the “hot gay dads” after a viral image of the two fathers doing their daughters’ hair went viral. The couple is now breaking up and have called off their engagement. “My love for them will always prevail even if ‘Daddy’ and I are no longer together,” Anthony said of his three…

Officer Ray Tensing faces murder charge in killing of Samuel Dubose in Cincinnati

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CINCINNATI (AP) — A University of Cincinnati officer who shot a motorist during a traffic stop over a missing front license plate has been indicted on murder charges, a prosecutor said Wednesday, adding that the officer “purposely killed him” and “should never have been a police officer.” Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters announced the grand jury indictment at a news conference to discuss developments in the investigation into the July…