Donald Trump lifts the veil on his empire

Donald Trump on Wednesday opened the kimono on his business empire, and revealed a whole heck of a lot of assets.

Trump made good on his promise to file the financial disclosure required of presidential candidates, something Donald doubters said wouldn’t happen as they panned the real estate mogul as a flash-in-the-pan candidate simply looking to amp up his brand.

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But 92 pages of golf courses, hotels, condos, mattresses, skincare products, perfumes, and wineries landed mid-day on Wednesday as the Federal Election Commission released the document in all of its Trump-branded glory.

From Istanbul to Beverly Hills, Trump reported assets of at least $1.4 billion in real estate and other holdings, income of at least $431 million over the past 18 months from a vast number of sources, and liabilities of at least $265 million, including several mortgages for different Trump properties.

One figure that was missing: Trump’s net worth.

The financial disclosure comes with two big disclaimers — these are Trump’s self-reported figures, and the FEC requires the candidates to report only in ranges, with “over $50 million” being the highest range. So it’s impossible to nail down his true net worth from the documents, and the totals could very well be a low-ball figure.

Trump’s net worth has long been in dispute, with many critics saying he artificially inflates the value of his “brand.”










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