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August 17, 2015

Indonesian Airline That Crashed Had Already Had 14 Serious Incidents

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By Nigel Boys An Indonesian airline carrier with reportedly over 14 serious incidents since it began operating in 1991, 10 involving the loss of an aircraft, crashed another one of its planes in the Oktabe area of Papua on Sunday. 54 people were on board. The plane left Jaypura’s Sentani airport at 2:22 p.m. but never reached its intended destination in Oksibil, the capital of Papua, according to Suprasetyo, Indonesia’s…

Bernie kicking into overdrive

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After a poll this week showed the previously unthinkable — the 73-year-old Independent senator from Vermont surging past Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire — there’s a feeling that the Bernie Sanders operation is maturing from a quixotic pursuit for the White House into the real deal. Sanders’ campaign is calling the Franklin Pierce University and the Boston Herald poll, which found Sanders beating Clinton 44 percent to 37 percent in…

After Iran, U.S. presses for solution to Syrian civil war

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Three months ago, Secretary of State John Kerry flew to the Black Sea resort town of Sochi for an unexpected meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. A central topic: the civil war in Syria. Even amid high tensions over Ukraine, the meeting was a key part of recent engagement between the U.S. and Moscow on the vexing question of how to end Syria’s brutal civil war, which has left nearly…

Hillary Clinton’s Iowa reset: Is it enough?

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DES MOINES, Iowa — After impressing Iowa Democratic activists with a stern tongue-lashing of Republicans at Friday night’s famous Wing Ding fundraiser, Hillary Clinton took a step out of her comfort zone to try to win the hearts of the Hawkeye State’s vital voters. She walked out into the crowd of 2,000 politically savvy Iowans and seated herself a few rows back from the stage, listening to other candidates give…

NEWS Talib Kweli defends protesters who interrupted Bernie Sanders

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Hop hop artist and activist Talib Kweli defended protesters Mara Jacqueline Willaford and Marissa Johnson during a conversation withBill Maher on HBO’s Real Time, saying that “the job of activism is not to be liked, not to be polite.” Maher and Kweli were discussing the actions of Willaford and Johnson, who had taken over a rally for Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders in an attempt to draw attention to the Black Lives Matter…

Don Lemon interviews black Donald Trump supporters

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Tuesday, Don Lemon spoke with the viral sensations the “Stump-for-Trump Girls” about how they became such vocal supporters of presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson are a pair of North Carolina video bloggers who are known mainly for their support of the controversial presidential candidate. During their segment on CNN, they talked about how they “felt it” about Trump as soon as they saw him on TV and…

Ice Cube addresses misogyny in N.W.A. lyrics, tells women not to defend ‘despicable females’

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Ice Cube had an interesting way of talking about the accusations of misogyny in the lyrics of the N.W.A. He said that the lyrics were not directed at any “upstanding lady.” “If you’re a b***h, you’re probably not going to like us. If you’re a ho, you probably don’t like us. If you’re not a ho or a b***h, don’t be jumping to the defense of these despicable females. Just…