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August 20, 2015

Outrage In South Africa As Chinese Increasingly Influence National Culture

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acheter cialis lilly 20mg, acheter cialis lilly 20mg, acheter cialis lilly 20mg, acheter cialis lilly 20mg, acheter cialis lilly 20mg, acheter cialis lilly 20mg. By James A. Merritt Americans have been very vocal about wanting the English language to be considered the native tongue of America, and have openly questioned how welcoming our country should be to foreigners who cannot speak it. Well, that issue is now facing South Africa…

How Google Could Rig the 2016 Election

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Americaa��s next president could be eased into office not just by TV ads or speeches, but by Googlea��s secret decisions, and no onea��except for me and perhaps a few other obscure researchersa��would know how this was accomplished. Research I have been directing in recent years suggests that Google, Inc., has amassed far more power to control electionsa��indeed, to control a wide variety of opinions and beliefsa��than any company in history…

Donald Trump sets new immigration litmus test

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Donald Trump has singlehandedly changed the standard for what it takes to be considered conservative on immigration, as one GOP presidential contender after another joins his call to end birthright citizenship. Seemingly settled more than a century ago with the passage of the 14th Amendment and an 1898 Supreme Court ruling, the policy that automatically grants citizenship to basically anyone born on U.S. soil is suddenly driving a rift through…

Black Lives Matter isn’t stopping

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VINEYARD HAVEN, Mass. a�� Memo to 2016 candidates from Black Lives Matter: We will continue to disrupt your events no matter what you do or say, and we wona��t stop anytime soon. Therea��s more. The movement, whose angry exchange with Hillary Clinton was revealed this week following an earlier shout-down of Bernie Sanders, has a potential new target: Barack Obama. He may be the first black president, but he wona��t…

Lamar Odom slams TMZ for covering black and white celebrities differently

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This past week, TMZ was put on notice that Lamar Odom has had enough. Thursday,A�the popular entertainment news siteA�published a video entitled, a�? in house pharmacy motilium general, in house pharmacy motilium general, in house pharmacy motilium general, in house pharmacy motilium general, in house pharmacy motilium general, in house pharmacy motilium general. Lamar Odom a��A�Life Has Spiraled Out of Control,a�? the latest of many pieces posted to highlight the…

Dr. Drea��s ex Michela��le and journalist Dee Barnes recall brutal abuse from Dr. Dre

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The movieA�Straight Outta ComptonA�has been getting rave reviews and has even generated a few Oscars rumors, but not everyone is pleased with the depiction of the N.W.A. Specifically, many are upset at the moviea��s portrayal (or lack of portrayal) ofA�the history of abuse surrounding the women involved with the N.W.A. Michela��le, who was once engaged to Dr. Dre, addressed the fact thatA�Straight Outta ComptonA� compazine suppositories pharmacy, compazine suppositories pharmacy,…

Glory Johnson reveals shea��s pregnant with twins, 1 day after judge rejects Brittney Grinera��s request for annulment

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GloryA�Johnson revealed a little bit more than just her babya��s gender on Tuesday: she revealed that she is pregnant with twins. The reveal comes just one day after a judge rejected Brittney Grinera��s annulment request, saying that there were not sufficient grounds to dissolve the marriage. The decision would make Griner the breadwinner for Johnson and the two baby girls, and after the judge announced the decision, Griner said:A�a�?I respect…