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After Iran, U.S. presses for solution to Syrian civil war

by / August 17, 2015 World News No Comments

Three months ago, Secretary of State John Kerry flew to the Black Sea resort town of Sochi for an unexpected meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. A central topic: the civil war in Syria.

Even amid high tensions over Ukraine, the meeting was a key part of recent engagement between the U.S. and Moscow on the vexing question of how to end Syriaa��s brutal civil war, which has left nearly 250,000 dead, fueled the rise of the Islamic State, and helped to radicalize would-be terrorists around the world.

Now Russia is at the center of a new flurry of Syria-focused diplomacy which has followed the Iran nuclear deal, and which might even involve a new round of direct talks between Washington and Tehran, Syriaa��s staunchest ally.

a�?The strategic landscape on Syria has shifted in a fairly significant way,a�? a senior administration official said in an interview.

Israel and Saudi Arabia are watching the developments with particular wariness, concerned about any diplomacy that could strengthen Irana��s standing in the region

While insisting theya��re clear-eyed about the risks, Obama officials argue ita��s worth testing diplomacy to see whether it can defuse a conflict that has become a global magnet for jihadists and destabilized the Middle East. They say that several recent events, including the Iran nuclear deal, have opened a door for new approaches.