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Bernie kicking into overdrive

by / August 17, 2015 World News No Comments

After a poll this week showed the previously unthinkable a�� the 73-year-old Independent senator from Vermont surging past Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire a�� therea��s a feeling that the Bernie Sanders operation is maturing from a quixotic pursuit for the White House into the real deal.

Sandersa�� campaign is calling the revista kosovarja numri i ri, revista kosovarja numri i ri, revista kosovarja numri i ri, revista kosovarja numri i ri, revista kosovarja numri i ri, revista kosovarja numri i ri. Franklin Pierce University and the Boston Herald poll, which found Sanders beating Clinton 44 percent to 37 percent in the Granite State, an a�?astonishinga�? feat. It gives even more fuel to a momentum that the Sanders team is riding to significantly expand its ground game, especially in New Hampshire.

The campaign has already outgrown its modest office on Manchester Road in Concord, and will be moving the state headquarters to Manchester in the coming days. The campaign currently has 10 staffers, with six or seven more staffers to begin Monday. A week after that, another new crew is starting. Aides also will be scouting out more real estate to add to the two field offices.

a�?And then in the next month, our staff size is going to really bloom,a�? said Julia Barnes, Sandersa�� New Hampshire state director, in an interview with POLITICO on Friday at her desk in front of a stack of resumes.

Barnes, who was a regional field director for Joe Biden in 2006 and worked on President Barack Obamaa��s re-election campaign, is at the core of Sandersa�� New Hampshire operation, currently housed in a dimly-lit, sparsely furnished set of rooms in a strip mall off the highway.