Is The Man Behind Donald Trump’s Presidential Run Bill Clinton?


Can you believe it? Donald Trump may actually listen to someone other than himself. According to The Washington Post, Donald Trump may have heeded some very precious advice from none other than President Bill Clinton. Trump is leading in every recent poll of GOP presidential candidates. That may be a delightful development to Clinton, the 42nd president and husband to the leader of every poll of Democratic White House contenders, Hillary Clinton.

While associates of both men dismiss the idea as a “chat,” The Post cites sources who said that the two men had a brief phone call. During the call, Clinton encouraged the billionaire real estate developer to take on a more active role within the GOP. For years Trump dabbled with the idea of a Presidential run often offering his recipe for fixing America. Although Trump’s fame and presence cast a large shadow, his political prowess didn’t garner as much respect – until now.

Sources say the two men didn’t discuss a 2016 Presidential run, but the conversation cannot be dismissed as coincidence.┬áTrump went on to announce his presidential bid on June 16, and has been leading the polls and the headlines ever since. His campaign has touched a positive nerve with potential voters because of his candor and availability to media. He rarely turns down interviews and is a master at sound bites that lead the evening news. As Clinton predicted,┬áTrump is resonating with disaffected conservatives.

This has to be good news for Hillary Clinton. She is ahead by large margins vying for the Democratic nomination for President and is favored to win the nomination handily. If Trump splinters the Republican vote her ascendance to The White House might be assured. Trump is popular now but most pundits don’t believe voters will take him seriously come election time opting instead for a more seasoned political veteran to hold the coveted office. But his run might have disillusioned voters enough with traditional politics that they may not vote at all paving the way for an easy Clinton victory.

Trump has made no secret about supporting both democrats and republicans in the past as a businessman in New York City. He has been friends with the Clintons for years and donated handsomely to both of their political campaigns.