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Man Crashed His Truck Causing Pile Up Then Runs Along Highway Naked

naked crashBy Andre Jones

Tracy Martin, 44, made national news a day before his birthday. He caused a six car pileup on a busy highway in Blue Ash, Ohio, then ran on the highway for almost a mile naked.

Witnesses say that Martin, of Chagrin Falls, was speeding on the fast lane shoulder of Interstate 71 at 80 miles per hour in his GNC pickup truck on Wednesday evening. Traffic had been at a near standstill, and he quickly lost control sideswiping four vehicles, rear-ended another vehicle, and finally slammed into the median. The last accident caused his truck to overturn and he hit yet another vehicle.

Martin, who emerged relatively unscathed, then ran from the massive pile up he caused. But,  according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol and numerous witnesses, he was wearing absolutely nothing.

Various 911 calls affirm this.

“There’s been a really bad accident on heading south on I-71…He’s naked! He’s (Inaudible)…and it’s…it’s bad,” one of the many eyewitnesses called in to report.

State Trooper Kyle Doebrich, who was off-duty at the time, witnessed the entire scene. “He had his hands in the air and was yelling explicit language,” Doebrich said. “He seemed very irate.”

Various witnesses who had called into Hamilton County’s 911 dispatch tailed the man as he made his way up the highway. Some even offered him clothes.  One 911 caller reported, “He has no shoes on, he is completely naked. People were offering him shirts out the window. … He was ignoring them.”

Though it will be weeks before a toxicology report will be available, it is suspected that drugs were involved in the bizarre accident.

Officials reported that Martin seemed “unusually strong” after withstanding four baton strikes. Martin was apprehended only after being tasered.

One 911 caller observed, “I’m very concerned he’s obviously impaired, there’s something wrong. We don’t know why he’s doing what he’s doing.”

Six people were injured in the massive crash. One person, who happened to be in the vehicle that sustained the most damage, was critically injured.

A medical helicopter flew two of the accident victims to University of Cincinnati Medical Center. The others were taken to Bethesda North Hospital. No names have been released as of yet.

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