The 16 Year Old Behind Subway’s Jared Fogle’s Legal Problems

Jared-SubwayBy Robert Stitt

When the FBI raided Jared Fogle’s home in Zionsville, Indiana, they were looking for more than his famous extra-large pants and subway sandwiches. They were looking for images of technically legal s*x that Fogle had in 2008 along with other encounters he may or may not have had.

According to the NY Daily News, in 2008 Fogle was allegedly texting with a Subway franchisee whom he was having a s*xual relationship with. The allegations from the franchisee stated that he wanted her to post an ad on Craig’s List so she could have s*x with other men. During the ensuing exchange, she asked him about something he had related to her previously, “Is this the same website you found that 16-year old you that you f—ed?”

The texts go back and forth revealing that Fogle found a 16-year old on Craig’s List that was willing to have s*x for $100. Fogle’s text message in response reads, “It was amazing!!!!”

When she asked him how he knew she was selling s*x, Fogle told her she would have to read the ads herself to see how it’s done.

The franchisee not only broke off her s*xual relationship with Fogle but allegedly took her texts and complaints to Subway’s corporate management. She says she told them that he should not be around young people. Her attorney says Subway corporate did nothing about it.

The Business Insider reports that Subway’s corporate management says they have no record of the woman’s complaints.

Fogle, his attorney, and Subway have yet to respond to the story about the text messages.

If Fogle did have s*x with a 16-year old girl, it would be legal in Indiana where the age of consent is 16. However, if he has pictures or other images of a girl under the age of 18 in various stages of undress or other compromising situations, those still fall under child pornography laws.

One of Fogle’s friends was arrested and pleaded guilty to child pornography charges after being found with hundreds of videos depicting child pornography.

Fogle has still not been charged with any crime or arrested, but his image has been tarnished, potentially beyond repair. Whether any of the allegations are true, or not, Fogle needs to watch his $15 million nest egg carefully. He likely won’t get another gig like this one anytime soon.




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