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September 8, 2015

New Steve Jobs Documentary Shows the ‘Brutal’ Part of the Genius

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Reported by Liku Zelleke Everyone knows the late Steve Jobs was the brain behind Apple Inc., and that his genius helped create and run one of the world’s most popular and successful technology companies. His company’s inventions stand as testaments to his brilliance. A new film will bring Jobs’ story to the big screen, entitled “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine,” and it has already received criticism due to…

Hillary Clinton set to unveil campaign finance proposal

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NEW YORK a�� Kicking off a post-Labor Day push to rally support as Bernie Sanders maintains momentum and Joe Biden contemplates a White House bid of his own, Hillary Clinton on Tuesday will unveil a three-pronged campaign finance proposal that her team hopes will help her appeal to unconvinced liberals. The policy platform a�� which largely reflects principles that Clinton regularly mentions on the campaign trail, to reliable cheers from…

Can the U.S. demand emails stored in Ireland?

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A drug-related court case pitting Microsoft against the Justice Department will test the U.S. government’s reach over data stored in far-flung computers abroad a�� the latest fight between online privacy and the demands of law enforcement and national security. The case, involving DOJ’s attempts to obtain customer emails stored in a server in Dublin, could also heighten tensions between the United States and Europe on privacy policy and further complicate…

The Pope vs. The Donald

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The anti-Donald Trump is coming to town. And he speaks Spanish, too. When Pope Francis addresses Congress later this month, U.S. Catholic leaders expect the popular, groundbreaking pontiff to call on Americans to set aside their political divisions and unite to tackle challenges such as climate change, economic inequality and immigration reform. viamax, viamax, viamax, viamax, viamax, viamax. It’s a message that could offer Washington a temporary respite from months…

Obama administration looking at ways to ease refugee crisis

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The Obama administration is “actively considering” ways to help ease the growing refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe, an official confirmed Monday as pressure increased on the United States to take in more of the desperate migrants. The White House gave no details as to what it may do, but the administration official suggested that the contours of the United States’ refugee resettlement program, which as of now…

Couple adds a�?heroin overdosea�� to teen daughtera��s obituary, hopes it will raise awareness

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MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (AP) a�� Confronted with the sudden death of their 18-year-old daughter, Fred and Dorothy McIntosh Shuemake made a defiant decision: they would not worry about any finger-pointing, whispers or family stigma. They directed the funeral home to begin Alison Shuemakea��s obituary by stating flatly that she died a�?of a heroin overdose.a�? They arena��t the first grieving American parents to cite heroin in an obituary as such deaths nearly…

President Obama observes Labor Day, extends paid leave for employees of federal contractors

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WASHINGTON (AP) a�� Showing solidarity with workers on Labor Day, President Barack Obamawill sign an executive order Monday requiring paid sick leave for employees of federal contractors, including 300,000 who currently receive none. The White House wouldna��t specify the cost to federal contractors to implement the executive order, which Obama was to address at a major union rally and breakfast in Boston. The Labor Department said any costs would be…