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June 20, 2016

Milwaukee Bus Driver Saves Girl

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Sharon Chambers, a Milwaukee Country Transit System (MCTS) bus driver has been lauded for her quick thinking when she helped a 15-year old girl escape a man who had been following her. It was Monday, when the young girl waved Chambers down. “I thought she was just running to catch the bus, but as she walked in front of the bus I noticed she was crying,” Chambers said. “I told…

Zoe Saldana fiercely defends her role as Nina Simone

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Zoe Saldana has set the record straight on why she chose to play Nina Simone in the biopic Nina. After years of being dragged for taking on the role, Saldana received some of the harshest criticism after the movie‘s trailer came out this year.  But she doesn’t regret it. “The script probably would still be lying around, going from office to office, agency to agency, and nobody would have done it,” says Saldana…

Cleveland wins NBA title, LeBron James delivers on his promise to deliver city a championship

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CLEVELAND (AP) — More tears. Only this time, tears of joy. Cleveland’s championship drought, crossing 52 years, generations and noted by a long list of near misses, is over at last. On Father’s Day, LeBron James, the kid from nearby Akron raised by a single mother, brought the title home. As the final seconds of Cleveland’s 93-89 victory at Golden State in Game 7 ticked off on the giant scoreboard…

Wall Street donors seek to block Warren VP pick

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NEW YORK — Big Wall Street donors have a message for Hillary Clinton: Keep Elizabeth Warren off the ticket or risk losing millions of dollars in contributions. In a dozen interviews, major Democratic donors in the financial services industry said they saw little chance that Clinton would pick the liberal firebrand as her vice presidential nominee. These donors despise Warren’s attacks on the financial industry. But they also think her…

Inside Clinton’s plan to win over millennials

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Now that Hillary Clinton has dispatched Bernie Sanders, she’s making a big play for one of his core fan bases: young voters. The first high-profile Sanders staffer, specializing in college student outreach, decamped earlier this month from Burlington to Brooklyn, joining other battleground state aides who had worked for the Vermont senator and are now in Clinton’s camp. Advisers to both candidates say more Sanders staffers will be hired soon….

Senate braces for showdown over gun control

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Spurred by the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, the Senate will vote Monday on a quartet of bills to prevent terrorists from buying weapons and overhaul the national background check system for firearms purchases. But the chamber’s big gun show on Monday is expected to be just that: political theater. All four proposals are reheated versions of legislation the Senate rejected in the past. Despite a flurry of negotiations…