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June 24, 2016

Officer who drove van acquitted of all charges in Freddie Gray death

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BALTIMORE (AP) — A judge acquitted a police van driver of all charges including “depraved-heart” murder on Thursday in the death of 25-year-old arrestee Freddie Gray, whose broken neck on the way to the station set off Baltimore’s worst riots in decades. Six officers were charged in Gray’s death, but only Officer Caesar Goodson was accused of murder. Gray was fatally injured after officers bound his hands and feet and…

50 Cent raves about success of his show ‘POWER’: It feels like I just sold 13 million records

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Like a proud poppa, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson has been hyping up Season 3 of his hit show “POWER” at every turn. From suited-up magazine covers to booming billboards, “POWER” is everywhere. “It is the best show on TV, trust me,” 50 boasts on his Instagram page. Omari Hardwick’s breakout role as “Ghost,” a NYC drug kingpin living a double life while trying to make it out of the game alive, has critics raving….

Supreme Court backs use of affirmative action in college admissions case

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WASHINGTON (AP) — In a major victory for affirmative action, a divided Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the University of Texas admissions program that takes account of race. The justices voted in favor of the Texas program by a 4-3 vote, an outcome that was dramatically altered by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, who opposed affirmative action. The university considers race among many factors in admitting the last quarter…

Obama on immigration: See you in November

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Four months into Republicans’ plan to block President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court pick because it’s an election year, he finally agreed with them — on one point, at least. It is indeed an election year, Obama said, and now they’re going to have to spend the four-and-a-half months between Thursday’s Supreme Court decision ending his immigration executive action and the election dealing with what that means. Obama and Democrats are…

Bernie Sanders’ Clinton-free speech

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NEW YORK — Bernie Sanders answered the question of what exactly he’s going to be doing between now and the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night: Beating up on the Democratic establishment, rather than Hillary Clinton. Speaking to a raucous crowd of diehard supporters who were lined up hours ahead of the start time at the small Town Hall theater here — many carrying #BernieorBust signs and wearing #HillNo buttons,…

Supreme Court impasse on immigration threatens ‘Dreamers,’ too

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When it comes to the effect of the Supreme Court’s immigration decision on the millions of young “Dreamers” who were brought illegally to the United States as kids, President Barack Obama is hoping that saying something often enough wills it to be true. During his abruptly announced appearance in the White House briefing room Thursday, Obama said no fewer than six times that the court’s deadlock effectively killing his second…