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June 30, 2016

Tomi Lahren trashes the BET Awards and Jesse Williams

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Most of us probably wouldna��t know who TV hostA�Tomi LahrenA�was if her rant aboutA�BeyoncA�a�?s a�?Formationa�� video hadna��t gone viral. A�But it looks like the young television host has set her sights on a new target:A�Jesse Williams. The Blaze TV host took on the topic of Sunday nighta��s BET Awards and decided to trash the network and actor/activist Jesse WilliamsA�for his speech on social justice. a�?Was it a celebration of black…

Trailer for new NETFLIX series a�?The Get Downa�� looks incredible

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ExpectationsA�are high after Baz Luhrmanna��s new Netflix series about the 1970a��s-era South Bronx, a�?The Get Downa��, released a new trailer on Sunday. a�?Told through the lives and music of the South Bronx kids,a��The Get Downa�� is a mythic saga of how New York at the brink of bankruptcy gave birth to hip-hop, punk and disco,a�? ScreenCrushA�reports in an official synopsis. A longer trailer for the series was released back in…

Michelle Obama promotes learning to empower Moroccan girls

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MARRAKECH, Morocco (AP) a�� Michelle Obama told Moroccan teenage girls that her parents knew the value of education, her brother set an example a�?and I thought if he can do it, then I can do it, because I know I am smarter than him!a�? Actresses Meryl Streep and Freida Pinto joined the U.S. first ladya��s encounter Tuesday with two dozen young women in Marrakech to discuss the challenges girls around…

Trump gears up for tax fight over D.C. hotel

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Donald Trump is gearing up for another tax fight: not over his personal taxes, but the bill due on the five-star luxury hotel hea��s building just a short distance from the Capitol. This week, lawyers for Trump began the process of suing the District of Columbia government to reduce Trumpa��s tax bill for the new Trump International Hotel project. The hotel is set to open in September, just two months…

Critics: Trump trade plan won’t save jobs

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Some of Donald Trumpa��s biggest applause lines come when hea��s threatening to scrap free-trade agreements or block Chinese goods from U.S. markets. But American global economic relationships are now so complicated a�� and deeply intertwined a�� that many economists insist his goal of saving manufacturing by shutting open markets will backfire. In an era when a single car can cross between the U.S. and Canada a half-dozen times before ita��s…

Clinton reshuffles the swing state deck

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DENVER a�� Wisconsin is out. North Carolina is in. When President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton take the stage for their symbolic joint rally on July 5, it will send a subtle but unmistakable signal about the evolving outline of the swing state map. By announcing Wednesday that the rescheduled event will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina, rather than Green Bay, Wisconsin a�� the original plan several weeks ago…