12-year-old calls 911 on his mother, says shea��s really drunk

A 12-year-old Ohio boy found himself in an awkward situation when heA�called 911 to report his ownA�mother was driving drunk.

a�?My moma��s really drunk,a�? said the 12-year-old son ofA�Tanisha O. Robinson in a recording. The boy said they were in a white car, along with Robinsona��s younger children, aged 2 and 8. He then tried to explain to dispatchers their exact locationA�before the call was disconnected.

According to Cleveland.com, police stopped Robinsona��s carA�and found herA�confused and disoriented. The children, who were all properly secured and were not injured, reported she had been a�?drinking clear liquidsa�? while she was driving. A�Robinson reportedly admittedA�she was drinking Vodka at a graduation party that same day.

Robinson pleaded no contest and Lakewood Municipal Court Judge Patrick Carroll found her guilty of child endangerment, with a pre-sentencing conference set for Monday morning.

Robinson was alsoA�found guilty of driving under suspensionA�and expired platesA�on May 31, and was ordered to pay a fine ofA�$295. The charge comes in addition to four prior driving under suspension convictions.

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