Alton Sterlinga��s death proves routine police killings of blacks wona��t stop unless we make them

It happened again. This time, outside a slummy Baton Rouge liquor store in the early morning hours on the day after America celebrated ita��s freedom from oppression and tyranny. Police officers tasered, tackled, and fatally shot a black man a�� 37 year old Alton Sterling a�� several times in the chest and in the back.

There have been calls, and rightly so, from Civil Rights advocates (including myself, for full disclosure) for the FBI and DOJ to immediately investigate this latest example police brutality. In a matter of seconds, all who watch the video will witness a�?peacea�? officers become the judge, jury, and executioners of a young Black man who wasna��t robbing a store, peddling dope, or assaulting anybody.

Most troubling of all was that the killing appeared almost routine. Stop, drop, and shoot. A cavalier and methodical slaying, performed by individuals who should be immediately identified and subsequently relieved of any community policing duties and all weapons they have access to.

The culture of the acceptable murdering of black citizens by police is not new. But I fear, and a even a cursory review of similar incidents and their outcomes will prove, that law enforcement officers nation-wide have been emboldened to continue to commit such heinous acts because the recourse of the afflicted has been circumvented by the racist inner-workings of a failed American justice system.


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