Watch this speech to see if Donald Trump’s wife stole from Michelle Obama

Everyone is saying that Melania Trump stole pieces of her speech at the Republican National Convention from First Lady Michelle Obama.  After reviewing the evidence, it’s pretty clear that she probably did steal it from Mrs. Obama.  But we’ll let you be the judge.  The video below does a side-by-side comparison of the two speeches and shows that Mrs. Trump seemed to steal, practically word-for-word from a speech that Mrs. Obama gave back in 2008.

At the age of 46, Melania is the young wife of the real estate tycoon who is hoping to become President of The United States.  Besides being a former model, Melania is a Slovene watch designer.  After her speech, the national media, as well as the entire Internet, roasted her for the mishap.  You can only wonder how long it was going to be before the Trump campaign finally admitted that she did something wrong.

The Trump camp is denying that she is a thief, but the evidence seems to speak for itself.  Tell us what you think.  Did Mrs. Trump steal someone’s speech that day?





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