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Libertarian Party: Who are They?

by / July 25, 2016 Politics No Comments

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The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the country.A� Most of us dona��t know anything about who they are.A� This year the Party is larger and more well known that it has been before.A� The opposition to Donald Trump and the popularity of Bernie Sanders has caused people to start looking at some of the lesser known candidates. The Libertarian Party is working hard to get their candidate, Gary Johnson, on the Presidential Debate Stage.A� The party has gained popularity because it believes in very limited Governmental involvement in the lives of citizens.A� http://www.lp.org/platform.

When looking at the hot topics of this yeara��s election, their platform allows for uncensored free speech, unrestricted access to weapons for self-defense, and a more Nationalistic view on foreign involvement.A� A�Abortion would remain legal, Social Security and Welfare programs would be eliminated and free trade would be encouraged.A� People would be expected to take more personal responsibility for their retirement, and people in their families and communities. Race, religion, sexual orientation, gender etc. would not be grounds for discrimination or lack of access in society.A� They also believe that people will give to and support the causes that mean the most to them, making those programs stronger and more effective.

In order for any of us to hear from Johnson, the party has to gain 15% in at least 5 national polls leading up to the Presidential debates. They also have to show that Johnson is on enough state ballots to have a realistic chance to become President.A� Many of the national polls are only focused on Clinton and Trump.A� There is also no hard number of states that Johnson needs to have his name on to qualify for the debate stage.A� A�

The Presidential debate stage is where we get to find out how the candidates are going to fix or change the issues our country faces.A� It is hard for political parties that dona��t have the money the DNC and RNC have to compete and get their ideas out to the people. A�This election has shown the desire of voters to branch away from the two major political parties.A� There are other options and there are other candidates to choose from.A� Whether we are allowed to hear from these people on the national stage remains in question.



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