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August 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s climate army

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Hillary Clinton has assembled a virtual army of formal and informal advisers on energy, the environment and climate change — and the names on the list indicate she fully aims to continue President Barack Obama’s push to green the economy and take on global warming. The team of nearly 100 informal advisers, who have spent the past year compiling recommendations on everything from chemical safety and Everglades restoration to nuclear…

Clinton eagerly cedes the spotlight to Trump

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In what was billed as a major economic policy speech, Hillary Clinton drew a sharp contrast between her plan and Donald Trump’s — but she colored softly, content to do or say very little that would divert the media’s attention from her opponent. Clinton’s remarks, delivered from a lectern inside a factory in the suburbs north of Detroit, were a rebuttal to Trump’s speech Monday at the Detroit Economic Club….

Trump’s Iraqi obsession wasn’t ISIL but oil

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Donald Trump has proclaimed President Barack Obama “the founder” of the Islamic State, arguing that Obama’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq in 2011 was a strategic blunder that allowed the terror group to flourish. “The way he got out of Iraq was that, that was the founding of [ISIL],” Trump told the conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt on Thursday. The talking point delights Trump’s followers. But whether it…

CBS gets roasted for lack of diversity on new shows, president says ‘we need to do better’

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — CBS’ entertainment president defended his network’s efforts to air more inclusive series even as it introduces a fall slate of new sitcoms and dramas with white malestars. Glen Geller, fielding a barrage of diversity-related questions at a TV critics meeting Wednesday, repeatedly said the network must improve “and we know it.” “In terms of leads, we’re definitely less diverse this year than last year, and…

Rafaela Silva wins first gold for Brazil in Olympics and beats racism

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Rafaela Silva has made her country proud by winning the first gold medal of the Olympic games in judo.  Overcoming poverty in Brazil’s most notorious favela, the “City of God” Silva took up the sport because she loved– and had to– fight. According to a Sports Illustrated article chronicling her path to the Olympics, Silva “spent the first eight years of her life in the City of God, getting into fights with boys and getting…

UT professors create website for research about the education of black males

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University of Texas College of Education Professors Louis Harrison and Anthony Brown have created a collection of works into the research on education of African-American males called The Black Male Education Research Collection.  The collection includes articles about everything from mentoring to psychological health to expulsion and suspension rates. “Dr. Brown and I, as well as researchers across the nation, have dedicated our research focus to understanding and providing critical analyses of the…