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August 25, 2016

Clinton aims to deny Trump’s pass at normalcy

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RENO, Nev. — For months, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have aimed their pitches at distinct sets of voters, each candidate operating under the belief that a November win will be determined singularly by base turnout. That changes Thursday. Clinton lands in Reno with a message targeted squarely on center-right Republican voters: Trump’s attempted pivot toward moderation, she will suggest, is a head-fake and the GOP nominee remains too extreme…

Team Cruz on Trump’s immigration shift: Told you so

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As Donald Trump soft-pedals his once-hard-line immigration rhetoric, supporters of his vanquished primary foe Ted Cruz have one message for Republican voters: We told you so. Cruz spent the final months of his unsuccessful presidential primary run arguing that Trump was a not-so-closeted liberal whose conservative language on immigration was not to be trusted. Now, Trump says he is open to “softening” the approach to some undocumented immigrants already in…

Ethicists scoff at Clinton Foundation transition plan

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The Clinton Foundation’s vague timetable to limit its involvement with overseas programs, and its insistence that Chelsea Clinton remain on its board, raise red flags for ethics watchdogs even as the charity vows to avoid conflicts of interest in a Hillary Clinton presidency. Foundation President Donna Shalala suggested Tuesday that reorganizing the $2 billion enterprise could not happen overnight. The charity pledged last week not to accept foreign or corporate…

Ciara and Russell Wilson moved their wedding from North Carolina because of transgender law

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Ciara and Russell Wilson recently tied the knot in London, but flying across the ocean wasn’t always their first choice. “I did the whole thing — three times. They were first getting married in North Carolina, but they called it off due to the transgender bathroom laws. But it was really done,” wedding planner Mindy Weiss told The Knot. ESPN reports that in a previous interview, Russell Wilson expressed a desire to use his…

John Legend to bring the story of ‘Black Wall Street’ to WGN

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John Legend is teaming up with WGN America to bring the real life story of “Black Wall Street” to a television near you. ‘Black Wall Street‘ was a wealthy black neighborhood in Greenwood, Tulsa that was attacked in 1921 by a mob of angry whites who burned it down and massacred hundreds of black residents over two days. In spite of the devastating attack, the community rebuilt from the ruins until desegregation…

Neighbors send racist letter to Kansas family: ‘This neighborhood does not need any blacks’

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A biracial family in Wichita, Kansas, was shocked when, on Monday, they were hit with an unsigned letter that said they were doing their neighborhood “a great disrespect” because of the presence of their children. “We have noticed there are some black children at your residence,” the note read. “Maybe you are running a daycare or these are your children. In either case, we have put our house for sale. This…