Brittney Griner challenges DeMarcus Cousins to 1-on-1: a�?Ia��m bettera��

Looks like Team USA Basketball doesna��t just have competition brewing against other countries, therea��s a small rivalry between two key players of the Mens and Womena��s Olympic teams.

Brittney Griner, the 6a�? 8 center for the Phoenix Mercury toldESPNA�a�?I mean Ia��m better, and I know thatA�kindaA�gets at him.A�Ita��s OK. Ita��s OK, little man.a�?

Who is the a�?hima�� Griner refers to? DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings. This comes after Cousins said that Griner would only measure up as the third best post player on the USA Mena��s Olympic Basketball Team.

a�?Ia��m glad shea��s so confident in her abilities,a�?A�Cousins said. a�?Shea��s also a little delusional.a�?

Kevin Durant, who recently signed with the Golden State Warriors, isna��t so sure that she could pull it off. Diana Taurasi, Grinera��s Mercury teammate has her money on Griner.A�But it seems as if it might not be such an easy feat. Carmelo Anthony and DeAndre Jordan both said they would pay to see that event go down.

U.S.A�womena��s basketball coach Geno Auriemma was asked to weigh in on the proposed matchup, and he was pretty emphatic about who he thought would win.

a�?If therea��s no referee, Ia��m gonna got to the ATM and Ia��m gonna sell my house, and Ia��m gonna put all my money on DeMarcus Cousins,a�? he said.


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