Georgia mom pepper sprays students who allegedly attacked her sons

A mother in Atlanta, Georgia has been accused of pepper spraying a group of high school students who jumped her sons.

Shawanda Favors was arrested by the Atlanta Public Schools Police Department and later charged with inappropriate conduct.

“I was just scared for my kids’ life. I didn’t think they were safe anymore,” Favors said.

Favors says she was dropping her sons off at school when she saw some boys whom her children previously had an altercation the week before.  She said they came up and started attacking her sons.

The fight did not look like it was going to break up so she used her pepper spray. Favors says if there had been police nearby she would not have had to resort to spraying the teens.

“[Officers were there], they were just on the other side. It took them too long to get over there,” Favors stated.

“The parent was apprehended by the Atlanta Public Schools Police Department and charged for her inappropriate conduct. Four students were treated and one student was transported to the hospital. The campus has resumed normal operations. The APS Police Department is investigating this matter,” Atlanta Public Schools said in a statement.

There are some students that don’t feel Favors should have been arrested at all since she was only defending her child.





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