Nate Parker addresses rape scandal: “I was speaking from a standpoint of ignorance”

After a whirlwind of criticism over a 17-year-old rape case for which he was acquitted, Birth of a Nation star Nate Parker is speaking candidly about lessons learned.

The 36-year-old opened up in an exclusive interview withEBONY magazine about understanding male privilege as well as the definition of consent, after his most recent Birth of a Nation screening at the Merge Summit in LA.

‘When I was first met with the news that this part of my past had come up, my knee-jerk reaction was selfish,’ he admitted.

‘I wasn’t thinking about even the potential hurt of others. I was thinking about myself.’

Parker says when he was 19-years-old, he had not put a lot of thought into the definition of consent.

‘When I think about 1999, I think about being a 19-year-old kid, and I think about my attitude and behavior just toward women with respect to objectifying them,’ he stated.

‘I never thought about consent as a definition, especially as I do now. I think the definitions of so many things have changed.’

He said that at 19 he understood that if a woman said no, that was it but if she didn’t say the words ‘and was down, it was like how far can I go?’

‘Let me be the first to say, I can’t remember ever having a conversation about the definition of consent when I was a kid,’ he said.





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