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September 1, 2016

Clinton team calls bull on Trump’s Latino gambit

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The 2016 election cycle offered Republicans a moment to peel Latino voters away from the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. This is not that moment. While Donald Trump dashes south to meet with Mexico’s unpopular president — a man with even worse favorability numbers than the GOP nominee — and prepares to deliver a more measured position on border security and immigration, Democrats and Republicans alike dismiss as fantasy any notion…

Trump promises wall and massive deportation program

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Donald Trump on Wednesday squashed any speculation that he might soften his immigration position to reach new voters in the final stretch of the 2016 campaign, delivering a hawkish, hardline, and true-to-his-roots border platform and vowing that on Day One of his administration, the United States would launch a mammoth deportation program and begin construction of a wall. Emerging from a hastily organized meeting with Mexico’s president, the Republican nominee…

Trump’s immigration rope-a-dope

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PHOENIX—After playing at diplomacy in Mexico following two weeks of muddled messaging on his signature issue, Donald Trump shed any pretense of a softer message or general election “pivot” with a declaration of his fealty to the hardline positions and inflammatory rhetoric that propelled him to the Republican nomination. Trump’s surprising trip to the presidential residence in Mexico City on Wednesday afternoon, which created a moment for him to stand…

Swizz Beatz defends wife Alicia Keys against haters who dislike her ‘make-up free’ face

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When everyone else’s face is “done-up” choosing to be natural is bound to make you stand out. But when Alicia Keys continued her makeup-free campaign at the 2016 VMAs on Sunday, some people noticed her bare face for all the wrong reasons and decided to hate. However Key’s husband, producer Swizz Beatz, was not shy about addressing criticism about his wife’s style choices, telling critics maybe they should be the ones to take a look…

8-year-old girl dies after being shot in the head during drive-by shooting

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An 8-year-old Miami-Dade girl who was struck in the head by a bullet during a drive-by shooting has died. “She’s gone. They were going to pull the plug tomorrow, but her heart started failing today… I was praying for a miracle but I guess [God] had his own plan,” Jada’s mother, Dominique Brown, told reporters tearily. “I see it on TV all the time but I never thought it would…

Gladys Knight wants her name off son’s chicken and waffle joint

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Music powerhouse Gladys Knight has requested a judge remove her name and likeness from her son’s chicken and waffle restaurant. She claims that the drama and troubled finances of the restaurants are damaging her reputation. According to AJC, the suit was filed in Atlanta federal court and also asks that the restaurant, called Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles, quit using her recipes.  It also asks for her memorabilia to be…