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September 13, 2016

Democrats brace against potential 2018 Senate ‘disaster’

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Red-state Democrats and party strategists are already nervously looking past 2016, when they are angling to recapture the Senate, to the 2018 elections, hoping against hope that their party isn’t setting itself up for a titanic midterm backlash that could flip control of the Senate for a third time in three elections. As difficult as the 2016 Senate map has been for Republicans, who had to defend numerous blue- and…

Progressives draft staff blacklist for Clinton administration

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Still bruised by what they see as Barack Obama’s betrayals and anxious that Hillary Clinton isn’t really one of them, progressives are preparing to move hard and quickly to force her hand if she wins the White House. To start, progressive operatives say they’ve targeted two potential Clinton appointments—Tom Nides as chief of staff and Lael Brainard as Treasury secretary or trade representative—to lay down early markers against Clinton. Pick…

Clinton’s secrecy rankles Democrats

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It’s not her health that’s worrying Democrats. It’s her secrecy. Hillary Clinton went dark on Monday, a day after collapsing on a New York City street and only belatedly disclosing a pneumonia diagnosis that she learned of two days earlier. She was finally heeding her doctor’s prescription of rest, she said. And while her surrogates hit the airwaves promising the imminent release of more information about Clinton’s medical records to…

School district sued after officer handcuffed 7-year-old hearing-impaired child

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Kalyb Primm Wiley was 7 years old and weighed 50 pounds when in 2014 he was handcuffed by a school police officer. What’s worse, Kalyb was being bullied at the time because he is hearing-impaired, and when the officer, Brandon Craddock, saw the little boy crying, he ordered Kalyb to follow him to the principal’s office and pulled him along by the arm. When Kalyb grabbed a handrail with his…

Beyoncé’s lead dancer surprised with proposal during ‘Single Ladies’ performance

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During a concert in St. Louis, Missouri, Beyoncé yielded the stage so that the boyfriend of her lead dancer could ask Ashley Everett a very important question. John Silver took the mic and quickly gave the audience a rundown of what was about to happen. “St. Louis, what’s up?” he said, addressing the fans at the concert. “I don’t know if y’all know this young lady, but she goes by the…

Cheney on Obama: ‘No American president has done more to weaken the US’

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According to former vice president Dick Cheney, Obama has been successful at one thing during his tenure as president, and that is doing more than any president who came before him to “aid America’s adversaries.” He also accused Obama of “hobbling our defenses” against Islamic terrorist groups. His comments were made in a brutal Wall Street Journal op-ed that Cheney wrote alongside his daughter Liz. Cheney said that the policies…