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September 29, 2016

Trump’s new brain trust

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Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s preparations for taking over the federal government are as wildly different as their campaigns for the White House — and for once, Trump’s operation is the more elaborate one. While the Republican’s campaign is marked by light staffing, a scant policy agenda and the nominee’s gut-instinct style on the stump, the Trump transition team led by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has assembled nearly 100…

Conservative legal tactic could imperil Clinton agenda

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Conservative states are succeeding in getting friendly federal judges to issue broad—often nationwide—injunctions reining in federal government actions, thwarting key parts of President Barack Obama’s agenda and imperiling some aspects of Hillary Clinton’s platform. The tactic—amplified by the 4-4 deadlock in the Supreme Court—has already frozen Obama’s immigration policy, is limiting his efforts to protect transgender rights and could hamstring Clinton’s planned executive actions on immigration, labor and environmental issues…

Trump fundraising record not all it appears

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WAUKESHA, Wis. — Donald Trump’s campaign was desperate to change the subject after his shaky debate performance on Monday, and it found just the story to do it — a record fundraising surge that Trump says was powered by small donors, proving he actually got a boost from the debate. But a closer examination of the claims around Trump’s fundraising surge — which the campaign says yielded $18 million in…

Reporter who quit on-air to fight for pot legalization faces decades in prison

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Charlo Greene became a viral sensation overnight when, on Sept. 22, 2014, she quit on live television in order to fight for marijuana. She shocked herself and her coworkers when she was covering the Alaska Cannabis Club in a news report and admitted on-air that not only was she a proponent of marijuana, but also she was the owner of the club she was covering. She declared, “F*** it, I quit,” before…

Police demand to be paid more before agreeing to wear body cams

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With the recent release of the video of the Keith Lamont Scott shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina, many are outraged that the footage only shows the vents leading up to the shooting and the events after it. The footage was only released after Scott’s family released their own footage, and after it was determined that a law would shield police from having to release the footage. But this is not…

Trump’s all-white Chicago trip is further confirmation he doesn’t care about black people

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Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has made numerous and mostly frightening comments about “black-on-black” crime in Chicago. And no matter how illogical he sounds, he continues to speak about violence in ways that only blame black people for problems rooted in white supremacy. This is what makes it incredibly odd that he wants the American people, including black people, to believe that he is the best person to end daily police…