Beyoncé’s lead dancer surprised with proposal during ‘Single Ladies’ performance

During a concert in St. Louis, Missouri, Beyoncé yielded the stage so that the boyfriend of her lead dancer could ask Ashley Everett a very important question.

John Silver took the mic and quickly gave the audience a rundown of what was about to happen.

“St. Louis, what’s up?” he said, addressing the fans at the concert. “I don’t know if y’all know this young lady, but she goes by the name of Ashley Everett. She’s my queen. So I feel like it’s only right to come out here in front of my hometown and show you guys what the epitome of a young woman looks like, that knows how to deal with all the nonsense and B.S. of a St. Louis N.I.G.G.A.”

As the crowd applauded, Silver turned to Everett.

“So baby I know that you don’t think I express my love to you in front of everybody. So I feel like what better time than now to do it in front of thousands of people. Ashley Everett, Will you marry me?”

She said yes, and everyone watching burst into applause. What’s more, she even was able to pull it together and finish out dancing to “Single Ladies.”





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