Clinton’s secrecy rankles Democrats

It’s not her health that’s worrying Democrats. It’s her secrecy.

Hillary Clinton went dark on Monday, a day after collapsing on a New York City street and only belatedly disclosing a pneumonia diagnosis that she learned of two days earlier. She was finally heeding her doctor’s prescription of rest, she said. And while her surrogates hit the airwaves promising the imminent release of more information about Clinton’s medical records to quell any uncertainty that she is not, overall, healthy, Democrats supporting Clinton’s campaign worried, once again, about a deeper problem with the candidate herself.

“I just didn’t think it was going to be that big a deal,” the Democratic nominee explained to CNN’s Anderson Cooper by phone on Monday from her home in Chappaqua of her decision to keep her pneumonia private. She noted that her former Senate colleague Chuck Schumer had also chosen to keep his current bout of pneumonia private.

Her explanation was reminiscent of the one she has used to dismiss questions about her unsanctioned private email server — saying it was merely for convenience, and noting that other people did it, too.

And it’s a reflection of her stubborn expectation of privacy amid her pursuit of the most public office in the world that has Clinton’s allies and adversaries alike now anxious about how she will deal with the continuing fallout of the health episode.





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