What the FBI Files Reveal About Hillary Clintona��s Email Server

The scandal of Hillary Clintona��s a�?home brewa�? email server, as it is played out over more than a year and a half, has served as a Rorschach test for her supporters and opponents. In her criticsa�� eyes ita��s just another example of the Clinton family taking ethical shortcuts and playing by their own set of fast-and-loose rules; her supporters say ita��s another example of the hysterical near-insanity that motivates her attackers in which, after millions of dollars in investigations, congressional hearings, FBI interviews and more, the scandal has amounted to little more than a whopping nothing-burger.

But until last week, the American public had never really had the chance to know how it all happened.

Then, last Friday, the FBI released the final batch of what amount to nearly 250 pages of interview notes and reports collected during the course of its investigation. Agents interviewed officials ranging from former Secretary of State Colin Powell to CIA officers to the IT staffer who first rented a minivan to drive the server from Washington to the Clintonsa�� home in New York. The files also include the FBIa��s forensic investigative process and never-before-seen details of the staff decisions that led to the server, the mechanics of Clintona��s email system, and the confusing and balky State Department processes that led a technophobic Clinton to embrace her own BlackBerry.





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