Did Trump come off as sexist?

Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton 25 times in the first 26 minutes. He claimed she lacked the a�?staminaa�? to serve as commander-in-chief. And when the question of his attitude towards women became an explicit topic of debate, he seemed to allude to resisting the urge to use her husbanda��s marital infidelity against her.

Trump has been aggressive and crude with male debate opponents, too, and he addressed the former Cabinet secretary by her proper title throughout the sparring. But, going up against the first woman to take to a debate stage as a major party nominee in American history, did Trump come across as sexist?

According to Vox, he interrupted her nearly once a minute for the first 26 minutes of the debate.

By 538a��s count, Trump seized the floor from Clinton three times and lodged 24 interjections as she spoke, a total of 27 interruptions. Clinton didna��t seize the floor from Trump once, and lodged only 5 interjections. The pro-Clinton American Bridge counted a total of 73 interruptions by Trump.

The appearance of chauvinistic bullying can be deadly for a male politician debating a female opponent. Just ask Rick Lazio, who sunk his 2000 Senate bid against Clinton when he left his podium mid-debate in an attempt to force her to sign a campaign finance pledge.


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