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Trumpa��s all-white Chicago trip is further confirmation he doesna��t care about black people

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has made numerous and mostly frightening comments about a�?black-on-blacka�? crime in Chicago.

And no matter how illogical he sounds, he continues to speak about violence in ways that only blame black people for problems rooted in white supremacy. This is what makes it incredibly odd that he wants the American people, including black people, to believe that he is the best person to end daily police violence against black communities (and apparentlyA�against ourselves).

Hea��s concerned soA�much about black people that he took a trip to ChicagoA�Wednesday and decided to only talk to white people.

Despite railing against Chicagoa��s violence, Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, still traveled to the Windy City to pick up a campaign check. Ivanka headlined a cocktail reception in Chicago and an afternoon luncheon in Peoria. Then, on the same day, Trump attended a Bolingbrook luncheon. Trump supporters are expected to raise an estimated $2 million for the Trump campaign from the combined four stops in Illinois.

Trump alsoA�spent timeA�stumping before about 200 Polish Americans at the Polish National Alliance on Chicagoa��s Northwest Side.

After all the talk of violence, chaos, and black suffering, (a�?black and Hispanic people are living in Hella�?), Trump still has had nothing to say about us, our issues, or his solutions. To visit the very place that he has discussed as violent for black people and to ignore the entire community says a lot.





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