Why Trump won’t get dumped from the GOP ticket

The leaked video of Donald Trump’s crude comments on women has prompted a handful of prominent Republicans to demand that the national party replace him as its presidential nominee. But their efforts are almost certainly in vain.

While a never-before-invoked Republican National Committee rule gives party leaders the authority to choose a new nominee, committee members are so far showing no appetite for using it — despite calls to do so by elected officials including Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk, Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman and former New Hampshire Sen. Gordon Humphrey.

“No one I’ve spoken with is in agreement with those you’ve mentioned,” said West Virginia RNC Committeewoman Melody Potter, in an email. “My opinion, Trump should NOT be replaced.”

“These same people need to yell for Hillary to be replaced since she is under investigation for her disappearing e-mails while she was Secretary of State,” Potter added.

Illinois RNC Committeewoman Demetra DeMonte was even more succinct: “Absolutely not,” she said, when asked if she agreed with Kirk’s call.

Reports emerged Friday evening suggesting RNC staffers were huddling to discuss options should Trump drop out or be replaced on the ticket, but officials quickly doused those suggestions.

“Your sources are wrong. There is no meeting,” RNC chief strategist Sean Spicer tweeted at a reporter late Friday after the initial news broke.





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