Should National People Possess A Two Child Max Concept to Control Population Expand – a Quick Introduction

assignment of bennifits



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  1. Lol. I laugh again at your presumptions that I cannot empathize or relate to this situation. You all have no idea who I am, or what I have been through. I do not have to bare it all to you as complete strangers to validate my point. This isn’t text book; I’m no shrink. When I said something is lacking, I never meant that it was only sex or the wife’s fault. It might’ve stemmed deeper. I also said infidelity is spiritual. People come from all different walks of life and you and your spouse aren’t supposed to be strangers. I stand by every point I’ve made but this is no pity party. No one here can say to me that I do not know because none of you know what I do or don’t know or what I’ve experienced. I’ve been through enough to know not to bother being bitter. My advice to all of you is the same. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for accepting less than you deserve at any point in time. Blaming the outside woman does not help you or your situation. That’s the point.

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