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Five Nursing Theories That Work For New Moms

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There are five nursing theories of Virginia Henderson, an innovative researcher

Most of these theories were developed in the US or the UK and are developed to promote nursing education for new parents.

In her novel, Virginia Henderson emphasized a number of the differences and has analyzed these theories. It was published in 20 20.

Mother Child Association: The MCA is a “support system” of the mother and child in the labor and delivery. It is an “open-door policy” for both mother and child to express the needs and desires of their pregnancy and birth. It is basically concerned with keeping the bond between mother and child as long as possible during the delivery process.

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They recommend that education should be achieved in order to expect any conditions or complications that might exist throughout 29, in order to understand the medical foundation of this woman. This permits mothers to learn exactly what to anticipate and what the potential outcomes can be of selected conditions and also knows how to care and support through the full practice for their child.

The MCA is centered on the nursing concept of the communication of panic. https://www.ringling.edu/ The panic in itself is quite genuine. With this particular specific theory, moms experience comfortable by referring to the anxieties, plus they are more willing to open up about the difficulties of the maternity.

Primary Care Nurse Association: VA Henderson has concluded that primary care nurses should address the psychological, https://samedayessay.com/buy_essay emotional and physical needs of the pregnant mother and child, as well as the family unit and the health and well-being of the infant. They also advocate for the involvement of the new parent in decision making regarding the baby’s care. Primary care nurses should be accountable for providing a sound medical intervention for the infant if necessary.

While in the US, RN’s are primary attention nurses (even though not many physicians agree on this). Within the UK, nurses work with disciplines including healthcare nursing , intensive care nursing, nursing maternity nursing, family members and public nursing. These physicians abide by the suggestions of this MCA.

The initial theory was produced by Sigmund Freud, also a researcher of unconscious motives, that noticed the mother hauled anxiety and anxiety. The objective with this communication was supposed to seek out reassurance that the baby was secure and would be cared for. This communication had been present from conception and following the child had been first born.

VA Henderson feels that while there was evidence that the fear was present, it was only evident to the nurse and mother. It was not something the doctor could see or confirm.

Education on a given topic can help prevent pregnancy complications and outcomes for the baby. It is believed that education can affect the psychological communication between the mother and child. By the time the baby is born, the mother will be able to cope with any problems that may arise and have confidence in the care given.

VA Henderson is concerned about the effect that esophageal concepts can possess on the system and society in the large. She thinks that nurses can influence the mental condition of the mommy and also the impacts .

You will find several nursing theories provided by experts including Dr. Henderson. When picking a nursing theory, it is important to be aware that the theory is dependant to a real-world example or studied instance analysis, because there is not any method.



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