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British public outraged at Rupert Murdoch for this picture of the Queen

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By Nigel Boys Rupert Murdoch, head of News UK which owns The Sun, who is reportedly well known for his anti-Monarchy stances, went too far this week with headlines calling Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Princess Margaret, “Their Royal Heilnesses.” Saturday’s front page headlines in The Sun enraged the fury of the British public and the Royal family, with the former taking to Twitter, demanding that the Australian be…

Chris Christie ally pleads guilty to embarrassing scandal

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By Doshon Farad NEWARK, N.J. — Nearly two years after the “Bridgegate” scandal involving a former member of Republican Governor Chris Christie’s staff, David Wildstein—the former director of Interstate Capital Projects at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey—pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy in the infamous 2013 scandal that caused traffic on the George Washington Bridge to be severely delayed for four days. He did so…

NBC suspends Brian Williams for 6 months without pay

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Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor of “NBC Nightly News,” has been suspended without pay for six months following his continued misrepresentation of events surrounding his coverage of the Iraq War, NBC said Tuesday night. “We have decided today to suspend Brian Williams as managing editor and anchor of NBC Nightly News for six months,” NBC News president Deborah Turness said in a memo to staff sent to FoxNews.com. “The…

Venezuela condom shortage: One box costs $755

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Shortages of basic products such as corn, milk and chicken have plagued Venezuela for years, creating long lines at supermarkets and pushing inflation well past the 60% mark just in the last year alone. More recently, shortages are affecting people in the South American country in a more personal way. Venezuelan consumers complain condoms and birth control pills are nowhere to be found. Shortages that first affected the dining table…

Woman sets her husband on fire for molesting her daughter

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What would you do if you found out that your boyfriend or husband was having sex with your child?  This was the dilemma faced by a woman who claims that her husband was sleeping with her 7-year old daughter.  Tatanysha Hedmon, a 40-year old woman in Washington, is now facing multiple charges for allegedl setting her husband on fire after finding out that he was molesting her daughter. The woman…