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HIV Infection Often Linked To Heart Problems

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By David Bloodsaw It appears that patients infected with the AIDS virus are susceptible to early heart conditions. According to The New York Times people with H.I.V. have heart attacks earlier in age and more often. Experts feel that many doctors and specialist are not aware of this threat. “I think most cardiologists and most H.I.V. specialists are not really aware of this,” said Dr. Priscilla Y. Hsue, a cardiologist at San…

Ex-Boxing Champ Tommy Morrison Dies at 44

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Did Tommy Morrison ever have AIDS?  His ex-wife says he didn’t.  But the truth is that no one is ever going to know for sure, and a lot of people with the disease have family members who lie for them.  What we do know is that he was too young to die.  He was good in the Rocky movies though and seemed to live a pretty full life until his…