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So Sad: Angelina Jolie’s Aunt Dies of Stage Four Breast Cancer

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  Sometimes we think that celebrities don’t have problems like the rest of us.  But their problems are real, and sometimes, they have to hide their pain in the public eye.  It’s difficult enough to deal with grief without having photographers in your face all the time, but that’s what they learn to deal with. Angelina Jolie is the latest to endure the tragedy of breast cancer after losing her…

AWESOME: Muhammad Ali Ornaments The New Face For Louis Vuitton

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You might not expect to see the great Muhammad Ali on a Louis Vuitton bag.  But then again, things have changed since the young, boisterous boxer rejected the establishment.  Now, at the age of 70, Ali has the chance to make some money from his hard work, even if he’s not as healthy as he used to be.  Here’s a tribute to the great one. Sports legend Muhammad Ali turns fashion…