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Is DNC Favoritism of Clinton Unfair?

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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been battling it out for months. Recently Sanders endorsed Clinton in her bid for the Presidency.A� Throughout the campaign the Sanders camp has been saying that they were not being fairly by the Democratic National Committee and that the system is rigged.A� With the release of stolen emails from a security breech, by the Russians, of the DNC server months ago, it seems the…

Guess What? A Quarter of All Profitable Corporations are Paying Zero Federal Taxes

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  We pretend that the rich are already paying something to help our nation out of its economic crisis, but that’s not always the point. There are large corporations earning billions of dollars, who are paying nothing to stabilize the economy.  As a result, we are in the middle of a massive economic crisis with no ending in sight. During his Brunch With Bernie segment on Thom Harmann’s radio show,…