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Harvard Student Issued Fake Bomb Threat to Get Out of an Exam

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by Barry Burch Jr. Some students will do just about anything to get out of taking a test.  A 20-year-old at Harvard represented the epitome of this truth when in an attempt to avoid taking his exam, he e-mailed bomb threats, which sparked a great deal of panic throughout the campus, as reported by The Boston Globe. The student is Eldo Kim.  He was released today in federal court after being…

Two Costco Employees Split $50 Million Dollar Winning Lottery Ticket

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If you work for Costco and you win $50 million in the lottery, you probably don’t have to come back to work anymore.  That’s the surreal experience of a couple of the company’s employees, who are probably going to tell their bosses to shove it.  According to officials in the Massachusetts State Lottery, Rosa DeLeon and Reginald LeBlanc, 52 and 54 years old respectively, bought the winning ticket and are agreeing…

MIT Students Accused of Scamming Massachusetts State Lottery For Years;Total of $8 million

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The MIT “brainiacs” have been at it again, using their superior math skills to run a scheme that some say violated the public trust. Ten years ago, a professor and some students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology were able to extort money from Las Vegas casinos by counting cards. Now, a new scam team has emerged again at MIT. A researcher and some students have run a scam on the…