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Royal Caribbean Passengers Get Sick On A Cruise

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By Afiya J Watkins This seems like déjà vu all over again. Royal Caribbean’s ship, Explorer of the Seas left January 21 from Cape Liberty, New Jersey, headed to the Caribbean. Under normal circumstances, a 10-day Royal Caribbean cruise to an exotic destination would be pleasurable and exciting. That wasn’t the case for more than 600 vacationers who found themselves ill and unable to complete their trip. Guests aboard the…

Several Caribbean Countries Now Demanding Reparations for Slavery

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It has been centuries in the making. Leaders from several Caribbean countries are asking for reparations from their former colonizers including Britain, France and Netherlands. It is no secret that for much of the 19th and 20th centuries Europe’s economy was based upon the  free labor of slaves and the selling of natural resources from Caribbean countries like Jamica, Trinand and Haiti. Many believe that their current economic conditions are…