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Woman Fighting Over Parking Space Gets Finger Bitten Off

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By Stephanie Allen-Gobert Did the Nordstrom’s at the Cherry Hill Mall have a massive one day shoe sale over the past weekend? Something caused a major and senseless dispute over a parking spot.  The dispute ended when one woman almost bit off the finger of another woman in a fight over a mall parking spot. Tonya Knight-Joseph, 42, had just pulled into a space outside the Cherry Hill Mall, when…

Three Officers Shot at New Jersey Police Station

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Someone has been arrested for shooting police officers at  New Jersey police station.  The man opened fire on three officers and is now in police custody.  Police are searching for a motive.  This kind of violence makes you think that gun control is necessary in our society. A suspect under arrest was shot and killed inside a police station in New Jersey early Friday after he obtained a weapon and…