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Ludacris Spends More on His Pets than He Wants to Spend on His Baby

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by David Miller The rapper Ludacris is the second-most-famous celebrity this week to announce that he has a new baby that no one knew about.  The rapper recently started court proceeding to come to financial terms with Tamika Fuller, who has the privilege of giving birth to his latest child. But Tamika isn’t happy with the way the court battle has gone so far, after Luda made an obnoxious request…

Actor’s Wife Wants Over $80,000 per Month in Child Support

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Jon Cryer, the star of Two and a Half Men, could be facing a pretty hefty child support bill very soon. His ex-wife, Sarah Trigger, is asking for a huge increase in the amount of monthly child support she receives. Cryer shares a 13 year-old son with Trigger whose name is Charlie. She is currently receiving $8,000 in child support a month, but claims that’s just not enough. She wants…

Justin Bieber Says He Never Fathered a Child at the Age of 15

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Women love Justin Bieber, there’s no question about that.  All that love and attention can be fun and games until it gets serious.  Now, there are a lot of women out there who not only want to have Justin’s baby, but who also want to claim that he fathered their child.  One woman says that Bieber fathered a baby with her after meeting her in South Beach at a TGI…

Barbara Walters’ Ex-Husband is Bankrupt, Behind on Child Support

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Merv Adelson was one of the biggest big shots in all of Hollywood, practically rolling in money.  But now, the 83-year old former actor and power broker is in bankruptcy court, barely squeaking by.  Adelson, oddly enough, owes child support, which is kind of strange for a man who should be having great grand kids by now.  The actor was once worth $300 million and was also married to Barbara…

France wants more dads to take time off for babies

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PARIS — French President Francois Hollande wants more dads to stay home with their babies and more moms to get back to work faster. On Friday, International Women’s Day, Hollande, a never-married father of four, proposed legislation to encourage more men to take long-term paternity leave. The Socialist leader has made a point of promoting women’s rights since his election last year, naming an equal rights minister and ensuring that…

There is a Rise in Do-it-Yourself Abortions

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JENNIE LINN MCCORMACK was 14 when she had her first baby. It was 1993, and she was in junior high in southeast Idaho, where she’s always lived and where she still lives now. Blond, petite, and fine-featured, she did tap, ballet, drill team, and cheerleading. She started spending time with an 18-year-old boy in her group of friends. Because he was older and she was a virgin, she trusted him…

Terrell Owens May Go to Jail Over Child Support

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins Every time you think that the life of Terrell Owens can’t get any worse, he surprises you.  Owens, the man with more baby’s mamas than a Fantasia concert, is $20,000 behind in child support payments and will face jail time if he doesn’t cough up the cash.   The judge is angry at him for not showing up for a court hearing and has made it…