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Stock futures fall further after big sell-off

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U.S. stock futures and global markets were dropping again Friday following Thursday’s big sell-off on Wall Street that saw the Dow tumble 317 points –  its third-biggest loss of the year. Financial markets went into a tailspin Thursday after Argentina defaulted on its debt, raising fears among skittish investors already fretting about weak corporate earnings growth, rising interest rates and an aging bull market. Friday, Dow futures were down 0.5%, S&P 500 futures…

American flags made in China now banned in U.S. military – CBS News

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Soldiers carry them into battle, fly them high over foreign bases, and triumphantly carry them in processions, but those stars and stripes, until now, have often been made in China. That irony spurred North Bay Congressman Mike Thompson to write legislation requiring flags purchased by the Department of Defense be 100 percent “Made in America,” reports CBS San Francisco. That legislation is now law, signed as part of the 2014 omnibus appropriations bill. “I…

Wal-mart Busted in China for Selling Contaminated Donkey Meat

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by Liku Zelleke Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, is in the news again after it was found that it was selling tainted products in its stores in China. Donkey meat is a popular snack in some parts of China. Wal-Mart’s “Five Spice” brand of the meat was found to be contaminated with, wait for it, fox meat of all things. The company has recalled all of the products from its…

Nine Year Old Boy Whipped, Stripped, Chained to a Tree for Skipping School

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By Nigel Boys Residents in Nanchong village, Sichuan province, China stood around an eight-year-old boy and watched him get beaten by his father with a stick after tying him to a tree for skipping school and some of those watching actually applauded his father’s actions. The truant young boy had been given about $16 dollars by his father to go to school but had decided to skip classes. Since this…

Organ Traffickers Do the Unthinkable, Removing the Eyes of a 6-Year Old Boy

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris A six year-old Chinese boy is recovering, with his family at his bedside, after his eyes were gouged out by a black market human organ trafficker.  It sounds like something out of a horror movie but the horror is real and the epidemic is rising. The youngster was playing outside his home in Linfen, Shanxi Province, when he was kidnapped allegedly by a woman. Family members…

Woman Dead After Answering Her iPhone While It Was On The Charger

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By: Madam Prezident A 23 year old woman was electrocuted when she answered her charging iPhone. It was reported that Ma Ailun’s “neck had an obvious electronic injury.” No one is sure which iphone model the young lady was using, nor does anyone know what caused the actual electrocution. There are possibilities that it could have been the phone, or the charger, but know one knows 100%. I’m sure more…

Jury awards $41.7 million to Connecticut teen who fell ill on school field trip to China

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    The father of the Connecticut student left brain-damaged from tick bites on a school trip is still enraged over the school’s alleged negligence. A federal jury just awarded $41.7 million to Cara Munn, now 20, who contracted encephalitis from the bites in 2007 during a hike in rural China sponsored by the upscale Hotchkiss boarding school in Lakeville, Conn. “It’s a horrible thing that could have been prevented…

California ‘Maternity Mansion’ Lures Chinese Women With Citizenship Promise

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The neighbors of a mansion in Chino Hills, California are very unhappy with the activities going on in the mansion. The mansion, which is in an upscale part of the neighborhood is reported to be operating as a “maternity mansion” which charges Chinese women a lot of money to come to the mansion in California to give birth to their children. The children that the women from China give birth…

By the way, how many grades  new era hat can a non authentic item have

By the way, how many grades new era hat can a non authentic item have

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