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Police Looking For More Suspects In Beating Death of Woman Outside Nightclub

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David Bloodsaw A young woman was beaten to death while waiting outside at a club in Santa Ana, California. Kim Pham, 23-years-old was waiting in line at a club and brutally beaten following an argument with a group of people. She was declared brain dead that night and died from the injuries. A suspect has been arrested for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and causing great bodily harm….

HIV Infection Often Linked To Heart Problems

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By David Bloodsaw It appears that patients infected with the AIDS virus are susceptible to early heart conditions. According to The New York Times people with H.I.V. have heart attacks earlier in age and more often. Experts feel that many doctors and specialist are not aware of this threat. “I think most cardiologists and most H.I.V. specialists are not really aware of this,” said Dr. Priscilla Y. Hsue, a cardiologist at San…

Ivy League Universities Are Reaching Out To Lower Income Students

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by David Bloodsaw Expensive and prestigious colleges such as Harvard and Yale will rollout plans to increase the enrollment of more low-income students. CNN reports, President Obama announced that 100 colleges will accept lower income students and provide graduation assistance. Obama recognizes the increasing costs of college are out of reach for many young potential college enrollees. “Without college, a child born in the bottom quintile [of income] has only a 5%…