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Barneys to pay $525K in NY shopper-profiling probe

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NEW YORK (AP) — Barneys has agreed to pay $525,000 to resolve allegations that minorities were singled out as suspected shoplifters at its flagship store, part of a spate of racial profiling complaints against major retailers last year. Barneys shoppers and ex-employees complained that detectives followed minority customers around — even after staffers identified them as frequent patrons — and disproportionately investigated their credit-card use, so much so that some…

Barney Frank Sharply Criticizes Gay Rights Groups’ Flip On ENDA

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WASHINGTON — Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) rebuked the gay rights groups opposing a bill that would ban workplace discrimination on the basis on sexual orientation and gender identity, calling their strategy “ridiculous.” A handful of groups said last month that they no longer back the Senate-passed version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act because of its sweeping religious exemption, which would allow religiously affiliated businesses to fire someone for being lesbian,…

Wal-Mart employees go on nation-wide strike to demand higher wages

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Walmart employees and union organizers with OUR Walmart held strikes in over 20 US cities Wednesday in a campaign to raise wages for workers. The protesters demand that Walmart pay associates at least $25,000 per year and not retaliate against workers who strike. Earlier this year, the National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint against Walmart for retaliating against 60 workers who had participated in strikes or protests against Walmart…

Ogden Medical Center Salt Lake City Utah

Hospital Pays $7,500 After Firing Employee Following Discrimination Complaint

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Reported by Staff Blogger Every day some employee somewhere experiences some form of discrimination. Sometimes it is subtle and other times, it is more overt. In some instances, people will quit or resign depending on the severity of the discrimination. In other cases, people will file official complaints. Official complaints are supposed to provide employees with a safe way to document their grievances. Unfortunately, some people are retaliated against or…

Blacks Have A Higher Rate Of Preventative Hospitalization For High Blood Pressure Than Whites

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By Staff   More than 40 percent of African Americans suffer from high blood pressure (known as hypertension) and many more are simply unaware that anything is wrong. If you are African American, there is a good chance you have family members or friends with this disease. Known as the silent killer, high blood pressure exerts its damage on the small vessels of the kidneys, eyes, heart and even brain…

Dentist James Knight of Fort Hood, Iowa, fired his dental nurse Melissa Nelson for being a temptress.

Dentist Fires Woman For Being Too Sexy

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While getting fired from a job is not anything to brag about, there are probably very few people who can say they’ve had the privilege of being fired because they’re too sexy for the d*mn job. Dental nurse Meslissa Nelson was fired by her boss, dentist James Knight, for being a ‘temptress.’ Knight complained that his pants were bulging because the dental nurse was dressing inappropriately for work. His attraction…

Mom Gives Birth on the Job, Then Gets Fired For It

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The Standard Hotel in New York is currently under the public microscope for what might be one of the most ratchet things that anyone could ever do. The company is being accused of firing one of its employees for giving birth in one of the hotel rooms.   The woman says that she didn’t expect to do it, it just sorta happened. Tara Tan is the woman who gave birth to the…

Maria Lloyd: Black Chief of Police Says Racism Led to His Firing

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  by Maria Lloyd Rodney Pearson, an African American, believes he was fired from his position as Chief of Police in Jasper, Texas, solely because of his race. Jasper, Texas is a city whose cemetery buries white people on top of a hill and “a black”- as 80-year old cemetery board of director member references African Americans- is always buried at the bottom of the hill. The town has a…

Janet Jackson Set To Produce Documentary On The Lives Of Transgenders From Around The World

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Janet Jackson has signed on as an executive producer of a documentary on the lives of transgender people living around the world. New York-based Brainchild Films announced Monday that Jackson was working on “Truth” and would do some of the on-camera interviews. The documentary begins production this summer and will focus on the lives and struggles of transgender persons. Jackson writes in a statement that she is working on the…

Studies Show That Blacks & Hispanics Pay 3% More For Their Homes

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Black and Hispanic homebuyers pay a 3 percent premium, even when factors like access to credit and income are taken way.\Researchers led by Patrick Bayer at Duke University studied two million housing transactions in four metropolitan areas. They found that Black and Hispanic homebuyers paid a considerable premium: about $6,000 on a $200,000 house. The results show that forms of racism still exist in society. According to the study: Regardless of the ultimate explanation,…

NAACP Endorses Same-Sex Marriage

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Gay marriage has been a hot topic these past weeks, with North Carolina passing an amendment that bans civil unions and less than two weeks ago the President announcing his public support for gay marriage. Now a well-known African-American civil rights organization is following suit. The NAACP’s board of directors voted to endorse gay marriage on Saturday, according to a tweet from NAACP officer Maxim Thorne. The 64-member unit, is…

Professor Christian Head Suing UCLA For Discrimination

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Faculty professor who filed a racial discrimination suit against UCLA, saying that the school ignored racial slights against him over his career, has taken to YouTube to air his grievances. In a six-minute YouTube video, Dr. Christian Head, an otolaryntologist at the UCLA’s medical school, says he was the subject of repeated criticism during an annual event in which residents performed mocking roasts of their professors. “In the final slide…

New York State Considers Transgender Anti-Discrimination Bill

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A year after lawmakers legalized gay marriage, the next civil rights debate taking shape in Albany is discrimination against transgender New Yorkers who say they face it in employment and housing and when they’re in public all because they stray from what’s accepted as male and female norms in dress and behavior. Legislation approved 81-59 by the state Assembly last week would add gender identity and expression to state laws…

NYC Salon To The Stars Being Sued For Discrimination, Owner Tells Employee “Black Hair Doesn’t Pay The Bills”

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One of New York’s most exclusive and expensive hair salons is embroiled in a bitter legal fight with an African-American hair stylist who is suing her former employers over racial discrimination she says she suffered while working there. George Casson, a part owner of Orlo, a Manhattan salon that is frequented by A-listers including Naomi Campbell and Kirsten Dunst, is accused of telling stylist Zandra Bennett ‘black hair doesn’t pay…