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Donald Trump says Sterling’s friend is the “Girlfriend from Hell”

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By Yolanda Spivey Donald Trump is the latest celebrity to give his two cents about the Donald Sterling scandal—and instead of firing shots at Donald Sterling, he is pointing the finger at Sterling’s ex-girlfriend V. Stiviano who was single handedly responsible for exposing Sterling’s racist rant. If you’ll recall Sterling was taped by Stiviano saying some harsh things about Black people, and forbidding his then girlfriend to bring them to…

Donald Trump Says Republicans are the Worst Negotiators in History

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Donald Trump took to Twitter this week to express his disappointment over the fiscal cliff deal that the Republicans made with President Obama and the Democrats.   It’s not as if anyone pays much attention to Trump these days, but he does have a lot of Twitter followers, which he might consider to be a source of his ever-dwindling political power. The fiscal cliff deal was reached barely 3 hours before…

Barbara Walters Tells Donald Trump to Stop His Foolishness

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The woman behind the popular daytime talk show, “The View”, Barbara Walters, spoke to her good friend, Donald Trump,  in front of a live audience after his underwhelming announcement on Wednesday.  Trump announced that he would give $5 million to  any charity that President Obama chose if Obama would show him his passport and college applications. Last week, Trump announced that he had an “October Surprise” with regards to President…

Donald Trump Says Yankees Star Is Only Great Because of Drugs

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It’s funny how money can change our opinions so quickly.  Donald Trump was once a good buddy to Alex Rodriquez, of the New York Yankees.  He was making gobs of cash from him when he was a tenant in one of his buildings.  Now that A-Rod has moved out, Donald Trump has returned to behaving like….well….Donald Trump. “A-Rod is just not making it. We want to give him a chance,…