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Star of “Fast and Furious,” Paul Walker, Dies in a Car Crash

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Paul Walker was known for his role in the popular film series, “Fast and Furious.”  He spent a lot of time behind the wheel and according to reports, that’s just how he died. According to TMZ, Walker died from a car accident in Southern California.  He was just 40 years old.  Walker’s Porsche lost control and hit a tree.  The car caught fire and exploded, leading him to lose his…

Man Kills His Wife By Disabling Airbag, Taking Off Her Seatbelt, & Crashing Into Tree

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by Madam Prezident I can’t imagine riding in the car with my husband, and him killing me. This poor lady lady is dead and gone because she had a stupid husband.  Lawrence, age 47 planned to kill his wife and succeeded. I’m not sure how to kill anyone, but I never thought driving someone into a tree, taking off their seatbelt and disabling their airbag was an option. This man…

What Would Chris Brown Look Like with No Teeth?

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The New York Daily News, in a bit of fun for itself, decided to publish a list of celebs and what they would look like if they had no teeth.  We thought the list was hilarious and only brought these pictures to you so you could get a good laugh.  Do you think that Rihanna would be chasing after Chris if he had no teeth?  Which image is funnier? The…

Larry Hagman, Aka JR Ewing Dies at 81

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If you’re older than the age of 35, you probably have fond memories of JR Ewing.  You remember how the question “Who shot JR?” gripped the media for a good month.  You also remember “I Dream of Jeannie.” Well, all good things must come to an end, and so has the life of Larry Hagman.  Hagman died at the age of 81 from cancer.  He worked up until his last…

Andre 3000 Set To Play Jimi Hendrix in New Biopic Film

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Andre 3000 is trying on his acting hat once again, the Idle Wild star is set to play Mr. Jimi Hendrix in an upcoming biopic entitled All Is By My Side. The film has been waiting in the wings for years but production has finally begun. According to the Irish Film & Television Network, the biopic will focus mainly on the period during which the legendary guitarist recorded his seminal…