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Several Caribbean Countries Now Demanding Reparations for Slavery

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It has been centuries in the making. Leaders from several Caribbean countries are asking for reparations from their former colonizers including Britain, France and Netherlands. It is no secret that for much of the 19th and 20th centuries Europe’s economy was based upon the  free labor of slaves and the selling of natural resources from Caribbean countries like Jamica, Trinand and Haiti. Many believe that their current economic conditions are…

France wants more dads to take time off for babies

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PARIS — French President Francois Hollande wants more dads to stay home with their babies and more moms to get back to work faster. On Friday, International Women’s Day, Hollande, a never-married father of four, proposed legislation to encourage more men to take long-term paternity leave. The Socialist leader has made a point of promoting women’s rights since his election last year, naming an equal rights minister and ensuring that…

Lance Armstrong Might Admit to Doping

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The New York time is reporting that the great cyclist Lance Armstrong is almost ready to admit to the thing that everyone knew he was doing in the first place:  doping.  Armstrong has already been defamed, having his Tour de France wins stripped from him and receiving a lifetime ban by the United States Anti-Doping Agency. For some reason, Armstrong wants to be allowed to compete again by confessing to doping of…